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1. Productivity Course

5-week virtual productivity course to simplify your life, spend time on what’s important and make you more effective at work.$499 + GST

1🧠 BrainSimplify life
2πŸ‘¦ Socialfocus on family & friends
3🚘 CockpitMain systems - inbox, To-Do, slack
4✈️ PlaneWorkspace - macbook, calendar, chrome, G docs/sheets
5πŸ‘© PilotHabits, rhythms, organise your week, take care of yourself

2. AI Course

5-week virtual course to teach you how to best use AI in your day-to-day work and personal life.$499 + GST

1IntroUpgrade Your Chatgpt Prompting
2VisualDesign and graphics
3Day to DayWork deep dive
4BuildCreate your own AI
5ProductAI product integration

The Nuts and Bolts

How does it work?

πŸ‘‡ Weekly πŸ‘‡

1. Read the content.2. Do your homework.3. Catch up in small groups.

How much time?

~2 hours a week.

30mins - reading
15mins - homework
45mins - virtual catchup


Every Quarter.

Q1 - Feb
Q2 - May
Q3 - Aug
Q4 - Nov

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